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-Jen Wales, Boots customer.

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Who said you had to hide your feet during winter months? I know our skin tends to become more dry when it’s colder outside but I found a way to keep my feet pretty and healthy so I can wear the outfits of my choice without worrying about them being cracked. @Flexitol is clinically proven to deliver visible results in 24h and I can tell you this is true. Since discovering it, I have added it to my routine and my feet are now healthy and nourished!


The tootsies have well and truly been neglected this winter. During the colder months, your feet need looking after more than ever. From now on, I must remember to include them in my daily skincare routine. @Flexitol is the perfect product which leaves your feet nourished and moisturised.


With weather like this I cannot wait to get my sandals out! I am getting my heels Spring ready with Flexitol! Flexitol restores and hydrates my heels in no time!


If you’ve been joining my online classes you may have been invited to rub your feet or stare at them a lot.
Our feet have the most beautiful way of grounding us & rooting us into the present.
Just the sensation of rubbing them or looking at them can really be massively soothing.
So I’m really enjoying taking care of my feet a little more with @flexitol to soothe & moisturise and encourage a little self massage in my life when physical touch is minimal…


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Our number one selling product in the range, Flexitol Heel Balm is a rescue remedy for dry and cracked skin. It’s clinically proven to show results in 1 day and is approved by the College of Podiatry. Available in 56g and 112g sizes.


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